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Spanish is sometimes called español and sometimes castellano (the Spanish equivalent of “Castilian”) by the local Spanish speaker or by the people who know Spanish language very well. Spanish is after Chinese as most spoken language in the world and little bit ahead of English language with native speaker 470 millions approximately. Spanish language has its origin at Spain that’s why its name is derived from the name of the country but that does not mean it is not only spoken in Spain it is spoken in world wide. . If you know Spanish, you can easily interact with the people around the world. Spanish is the official language of four continents which makes it so popular other than English.

Spanish is not only the one of the six official language of USA but also used as an official language by European Union and by many other international communities and international organization like Union of South American Nations, various Organization of American States etc . The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Espanola) is widely considered the arbiter of standard Spanish. It makes authoritative dictionaries and grammar guides for the language. Although its decisions do not have the force of law but they are widely followed in both Spain and Latin America. Academy promoted the many language reforms among one of those have been the use of the inverted question mark and exclamation point (¿ and ¡). Although they have been widely used by people who know some of the non-Spanish languages of Spain, or otherwise they are unique to this language. It became standardized around the 14th century. Latin and Arabic had the biggest influence on Spanish. The Spanish language is originated from the Vulgar Latin which was brought by the Romans during Punic Second War which started in 210 BC. Now, Spanish is spoken in almost 20 countries worldwide. In Europe, it is official language of Spain while in America; it is spoken in Hispanic America and United States. In Africa and Asia-pacific, it is not only spoken but also the official language of the African and Asian Union.

English Spanish translator

Being a English speaker, to understand what a Spanish speaker is saying or convey your thoughts in Spanish, one needs to learn basic of Spanish. Some people argue that you can just use the thousands of “English to Spanish” translators available online and get the task done.

Though it seems true which it is but partially. Firstly, imagine you are talking to someone and you are looking at the translator gadget every time you want to say something or understand something. It will take away all the flow and fun of the conversation. Secondly, you can type in English to get the Spanish translation, but what about pronunciation? It won’t matter much is you are speaking the right Spanish word but the receiver is not able to decode is because you are saying it wrong. And in worst case you might pounce it altogether wrong which has an offensive meaning. Thirdly, language is much more than just combination of few words. It is intertwined with culture, emotions, people, place. It has specific slangs to be used and understood. We will discuss few things about understanding Spanish for English speaker and benefits here.

Spanish Translator

Spanish is one of the language in the world having a direct correspondence between symbols and sounds that’s makes it a very phonetic language. You can almost always know how it is pronounced, if you know how a word is spelled but vice versa is not true for same condition. Spanish is uniquely difficult to spell but once you will have a good hand at vocabulary, it will be seen easy for you. Learning a new language seems very difficult at first but after some time after lot of practice you may become master in that language. English to Spanish translator will help us achieving our goal faster in an interesting way.

As Spanish is official language in many continents, the number alone making it famous among people who wanted to learn any language other than their mother tongue? It is becoming good choice other than for those wanted to travel more or around the world. Travelling will be great fun with the use of English to Spanish calculator. People knowing more than one language seen with respect around the world because it is considered that people who know 2 languages are smarter than rest people. Spanish language is considered as a humble language. So if you know English to Spanish translation, you can talk with people with more politeness. This will help you in gaining more respect in society all around the world. Therefore this may make you famous among the people as well as in society. Knowing two languages at the same time will help you in interacting with people in any meeting or in a party or in any cultural event. This will show you as a networking, friendly and networking person. If you know the English to Spanish translation, you may easily understand the jokes in Spanish language or even with the help of translator, you may crack jokes in Spanish to the crowd. This will help you in making a good impression at people or crowd with your charming personality and world will be able to see your other interesting side. This way people will see you with most respect and will come to you for solutions and will take your advices seriously because you will be a knowledgeable and smarter person to them. Spanish is generally known as the romance language so by using English to Spanish translator, we can easily read the romantic novels, articles and poetry which are written in purely Spanish which will add to our knowledge. By using English to Spanish translator, we can even read the all types of Spanish novels and history, it will help you in understanding that how the Spanish speaker evolved with the time in culture , geographically, politically and economically and this way you may also help in upbringing the society by your contribution in country’s development. If you know Spanish very well, then you can also contribute in country’s politics. Like if you want to present your view on any topic in politics of Spanish speaking country and you know Spanish very well then people will list hear you more attentively because you are speaking in their language and that makes them think that you really want their well being.

Both English and Spanish are the most spoken language in the world but if we compare Spanish language then generally English use more words than Spanish. In other words, we can say that English has about twice as many word as Spanish does. Spanish and English has similar grammar because Spanish and English share Indo-European origin. So there is probably no more interesting way to learn English grammar than by studying the grammar of another language.

As I told you above, English and Spanish have much similarity which also makes it easier to translate.

English to Spanish translation is Useful

How? Let’s take the example of teacher, not the language teacher but any teacher of any educational institute if he/she has the student from all over the world, so it will be easier for the students to interact with the teacher who knows their language than the teacher who knows only one language or the another. On the other hand if you are a student and wanted to study in any college in Spain or in any college where Spanish is required, if you know the Spanish translation, it will benefit you in many ways like when you have to submit any article or papers in Spanish, or when you have to interact with your teacher or classmates who knows Spanish well. In college, you can easily join any Spanish related community and enjoy the benefits of that community. Also, you can take part in cultural fest or celebration where Spanish is required. In similar way, a businessman will also be benefitted from the knowledge of English to Spanish translation. With this, he/she can easily expand its business around the world plus he/she can confidently talk to locals and can easily find out cultural ,economical or geographical benefits required for business which will also help them making business relations. Learning English to Spanish will also help in writing business related letters or maintaining business documents. If you are a passionate traveler then knowing English to Spanish translation will add to your adventure. How? Some of the things are only known to the local peoples even sometimes tourist guide also don’t know some things and local people generally knows their native language only. So if you know their native language then it will add to your adventure. Even if you know the Spanish language, then you can make business relations with local communities also.

Knowing Spanish language not only benefit in business, but it also open doors for many job opportunities around the world as it will be your extra skill which can be added in your resume. Also, not only it enhances your resume but it will create a good impression on the interviewer as knowing more than one language will improve your personality, smartness and critical thinking .Spanish speaking peoples are increasing day by day at very higher rate. So may be some day you wanted to marry any Spanish girl or boy, so it will be advantage you will know him or her easily by translating English to Spanish easily and can impress him/her in very less time. Like if you want to know about his or her culture, or maybe you want to go on a trip with him/ her then you can easily translate word, phrases or some other information if you know how to translate English to Spanish. This will make your experience better and enjoyable. Demand of Spanish speaking peoples is increasing day by day all over the world. So after learning Spanish you can start teaching Spanish any where you can also open your language school also or you can also become online tutor also. Also, you can also start writing articles in Spanish and can earn from it, in this way, by learning English to Spanish translation you can do some part time job and earn extra money from it. You can touch the sky of success if you will learn the English to Spanish translation. Spanish is not hard to learn. Once you expert the vocabulary of Spanish language, it will become easier to learn. If you have strong vocabulary in any language, then you can learn that language quickly. The grammar of Spanish language is somehow same as the English language so after some days practice and keeping the knowledge of correct pronunciation, you will become expert in English to Spanish translation. Knowledge of two languages not only makes you smarter but also younger as it helps in our mental development. It is known that knowing two languages makes your brain sharper and help in mental development which helps in increasing you life.

Online learning is the very awesome of learning Spanish language. through internet, you can easily learn and teach the Spanish language as we all have known that if you want to learn something new, start teaching it anyone. In this way you will learn it faster than usual. There are also other techniques to learn the Spanish language faster and accurate, join some community where Spanish is spoken or written and start learning from them. Other than that you can start writing articles also in Spanish in this way other people around the world will see it and review the same so you will learn your mistakes from them and correct them. Learning English to Spanish translation is not hard; it will require only your passion and hard work and a huge amount of practice. if you live in a country where Spanish is spoken and you don’t know the Spanish then you will be a observer only but if you know the to translate English to Spanish then you can also actively take part in the their community and cultural or political respect.

If you seriously want to learn translate from english to spanish , don’t isolate your study of language from rest of your life. Never learn Spanish just for the learning purpose or to add one more skill to your resume or CV, learn it to experience something new and interesting in your life. Start applying it to your everyday life like change your all devices language setting from English to Spanish, start watching Spanish TV shows and serials, start reading or listening news in Spanish language, start learning about your favorite topic or subject in Spanish it will be fun to learn your favorite subject in Spanish language and it will your added advantage to know your favorite topic in two languages.

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