100 Common Spanish Words

Spanish is very easy language, you can easily speak the Spanish language after learning some Spanish words. These are hundred Spanish words are given which are most common and these words are the basic of the Spanish language. If you start from these words, you can become a good Spanish speaker within few months. If you know how a word is spelled, you can almost always know how it is pronounced. These words are used in daily routine in the Spanish language. You can start your here the learning of Spanish language and there are very simple Spanish words.

Let’s start:


  1. Good afternoon.= Buenas tardes.
  2. Good evening.= Buenas noches.
  3. Hello, my name is John.= Hola, me llamo Juan.
  4. What is your name?= ¿Cómo se llama usted?
  5. How are you?= ¿Cómo está usted?
  6. I am fine.= Estoy bien.
  7. Nice to meet you.= Mucho gusto.
  8. Goodbye.= Adiós.
  9. See you later.= Hasta luego.
  10. Why?= ¿Por què?
  11. Who?= ¿Quièn?
  12. Would you speak slower, please.= Por favor, habla mas despacio
  13. I do not understand.= Yo no comprendo.
  14. No.= No.
  15. Yes.= Sí.
  16. What time is it?= ¿Qué hora es?
  17. There are many.= Hay muchos.
  18. Bless you.= Salud.
  19. Please.= Por favor.
  20. ser = to be
  21. a = to
  22. ir=  to go
  23. estar=  to be
  24. bueno=  good
  25. de = of, from
  26. su = your, her, his, their
  27. hacer=  to do, to make
  28. amigo=  friend
  29. más = more
  30. bien = “well” as an adverb
  31. aquí, allí = here, there
  32. querer = to want, to love
  33. hola= hello
  34. tener =to have, to possess
  35. un, uno, una =a, one
  36. ahora =now
  37. y = and
  38. que, qué = that, what
  39. por = for, by
  40. amar = to love
  41. quién = who
  42. para = for, to
  43. venir = to come
  44. porque = because
  45. el, la, los, las = the
  46. antes = before
  47. hasta = until
  48. comer = to eat
  49. triste = sad
  50. país = country
  51. escuchar = to listen, to listen to
  52. hombre = man
  53. mujer = woman
  54. le = indirect-object pronoun
  55. creer = to believe, to think
  56. encontrar = to find
  57. beber = to drink
  58. conocer = to know
  59. primero = first
  60. andar = to walk
  61. sobre = over, about
  62. echar = to throw
  63. sin = without
  64. decir = to say
  65. trabajar = to work
  66. nosotros = we, us
  67. también = also
  68. tanto, tan = used in making comparisons
  69. entre = between, among
  70. durante = during
  71. llevar = to wear, to carry
  72. siempre = always
  73. empezar = to begin
  74. él, ella, ellos, ellas = he, she, they
  75. leer (to read
  76. cosa = thing
  77. sacar = to take out, to remove
  78. antes = before
  79. más = more
  80. bien = “well” as an adverb
  81. aquí, allí = here, there
  82. querer = to want, to love
  83. tú = you
  84. poder = to be able
  85. gustar = to be pleasing
  86. poner = to put
  87. casi = almost
  88. saber = to know
  89. como = like, as
  90. donde = where
  91. dar = to give
  92. pero=  but
  93. se=  itself, herself, himself, themselves
  94. mucho=  much
  95. nuevo=  new
  96. para=  for, to
  97. venir=  to come
  98. porque =because
  99. desde = from
  100. Good morning= Buenos dias


I hope you learn some basic Spanish words with enjoyment and if someone will speak you in Spanish, you can easily answer their question and it will make you confident and happy. In all these words, some Spanish words are very easy to learn like yes, no, and, sorry etc. If you will use some Spanish words in your daily routine then you will feel that  Spanish is very easy language. It will be a great pride for you because you will know that how to speak the spanish language as you know world’s one-third people speaks Spanish language and you will be one of them. Spanish is one of the world’s most phonetic languages.  Spanish is part of the Indo-European family of languages, which are spoken by more than a third of the world’s population. Spanish can be classified as a Romance language.  Spanish ranks as the world’s No. two language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. Spanish has three million native speakers in each of 44 countries. The main exception is recent words of foreign origin that usually retain their original spelling. Let me know about your ideas about this blog and you can also give your suggestion. You can answer us through the comment and tell us that what you more want from this blog. We will try to fulfill your requirement and will provide you more common Spanish words as soon as possible. Thank you




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