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Hello, Friends! As you know very well in our every article we provide some Spacial words in Spanish to learn the Spanish language and also provide some way to practice the Spanish language. Spanish is a very romantic and easy language and with the help of some practice, you can easily speak the Spanish language. Today, we are providing the Name of the season in Spanish. If you are learning the Spanish language, you have to know about every word meaning in the Spanish language. If you learn all most common word meaning in Spanish, you can speak Spanish confidently. As you know very well that seasons are four type which are summer, winter, spring, and autumn.  Now we are going to explain about these season in Spanish with some examples and with the help of this you can easily know that How to speak season in Spanish. These seasons have their own characteristics. Each one of us has their own favorite season.  Everyone has their own choice, So if we are learning a language then we should know to spell each and every word in that particular language. And all those who are reading this post must be learning Spanish, that’s why you are here.

Summer in Spanish


Spanish: verano

Ex: Summer is the very beautiful season.

Spanish: El verano es temporada muy hermosa.

Ex: In our Summer vacation, we are going to USA.

Spanish: En nuestras vacaciones de verano, nos vamos a Estados UNIDOS.

Ex: I love Summer season.

Spanish: Me encanta la temporada de verano.

Winter in Spanish


Spanish: invierno

Ex: winter is coming.

Spanish: se acerca el invierno.

Ex: winter is the coldest season of the year.

Spanish: el invierno es la temporada más fría del año.

Ex: winter vacations are coming soon.

Spanish: vacaciones de invierno son muy pronto.

Autumn in Spanish


Spanish: otoño

Ex: autumn is my favorite season.

Spanish: el otoño es mi estación favorita.

Ex: I am waiting for Autumn.

Spanish: Estoy esperando para el otoño.

Ex: autumn is the best season.

Spanish: el otoño es la mejor temporada.

Spring in Spanish


Spanish: primavera

Ex: Springtime is coming soon.

Spanish: primavera es muy pronto.

Ex: spring is the beautiful season.

Spanish: la primavera es la estación hermosa.

Ex: My favorite season is Spring.

Spanish: Mi estación favorita es la primavera.

You can see the four season name in Spanish. If people are talking about the season, then you have to know about something season like the festival which occurs in this  month and about the weather of this season. You have to also know that how to speak season in Spanish. You can teach yourself Spanish with the help of some Spanish Sentences. So this was all about the 4 Spanish Seasons that we have all of the years worldwide. But we have missed one thing, you should also know how to say word “season” in Spanish. So, at last, let’s know how to say the season in Spanish.

Season in Spanish

Spanish: Temporada

These are the important words for you if you are learning the Spanish language because whole year people talk about the different seasons. The people loves the different season and they also want to know about these season in the Spanish language. These above examples will help you to learn the Spanish language. I hope you will like these Spanish words of Season, let me know about your suggestion for our website. You can reply us through the comments and we will try to provide more Spanish words as soon as possible. Thank You.

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