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Hello, friends! Here we providing some famous Spanish phrases in English. Spanish is very easy and famous language and the Spanish language is spoken in many countries. Today the Spanish is the most common language and most of the people want to learn the Spanish language. Sometimes the people who know the Spanish language, ask us something but we have no reply because we don’t know how to speak the Spanish language. So there is no need to worry about this you can easily learn the Spanish language in the little practice of some simple Spanish words  in Spanish to English daily. Mostly peoples face many problems whenever they travel to foreign countries where the Spanish language is spoken, in every step in day country you need to ask about many thing but you don’t know how to speak Spanish. So it is necessary to learn the Spanish language in Today’s life. This is the very awesome way of learning the Spanish language. Learning Spanish is very necessary for business purpose in the united state. To know Spanish will improve your personality and smartness and your ability of critical thinking is also improved. With the knowledge of Spanish language, you will have the better understanding of English.

There are some Common Spanish Phrases are given below:

Top Common Spanish Phrases

Common Spanish Phrases, Spanish sentences

Buenos días.  (morning wishes)
Good morning.

Buenas tardes.
Good afternoon.

Buenas noches.
Good evening.

Hola, me llamo Juan.
Hello, my name is John.
¿Cómo se llama usted?
What is your name?

¿Cómo está usted?
How are you?

Estoy bien.
I am fine.

Mucho gusto.
Nice to meet you.


Hasta luego.
See you later.

Estoy perdido. ¿Dónde está el baño?
I am lost. Where is the restroom?

Excuse me.

Por favor.

Thank you.

Lo siento.
I’m sorry.

Bless you.

De nada.
You are welcome.

¿Cuánto cuesta?
How much does it cost?

¿Cuántos hay?
How many are there?

Hay muchos
There are many.

¿Por què?


Por favor, habla mas despacio.
Would you speak slower, please.

Yo no comprendo.
I do not understand.



After reading this, you have noticed one thing that there is two question marks are used in any question, one is on first and second is in last. You should write and read these Spanish Phrases, it  will be very helpful to learn Spanish language and really this language is very easy to learn and speak. You have no need to join any Spanish classes and purchasing any book, after some practice from this blog, you can easily capable of speaking Spanish. Sometimes people need some common words to wish their close person like birthday wishes, anniversary, good morning and good night messages then they search these messages on the search engine. After learning these common words in Spanish, you can easily type your personal message and express your feelings in Spanish. The Spanish speaking people are amazingly generous, you will find yourself welcomed if you speak Spanish.

If you learn ten common Spanish words daily and speak these words in your daily life, you will easily able to speak the Spanish language. According to our guidelines, we are not permitted to do your homework for you, but if you will follow the instructions given and do the practice, you will be happy to become perfect in Spanish. Commonly whenever you meet your friend or a person who knows the Spanish language, you have to need these common Spanish phrases. So it is very necessary to know that how to speak the Spanish language. I hope you will really enjoy these phrases and you will learn these phrases in little time. After some practice, you speak the better Spanish language. You can use these little Spanish phrases in your daily routine, it will help you to learn Spanish language and you can speak confidently. In  today’s  life, it is very common to speak the Spanish language. You can also able to read the simple Spanish sentences.Let me know about your ideas for this blog and you can also give us your suggestion. You can answer us through the comments. We shall provide more Spanish to English phrases as soon as possible and try to fulfill your requirement as soon as possible. Thank You

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