How to say family in Spanish

Hello, friends! today I am telling you about Spanish family if you are learning the Spanish language then you should know everything about the family in Spanish. The family is the most important part of our life because we spend maximum time with our family and share everything with them. The family is the important factor in everyone’s life because we feel lonely without the family. Here I will tell you everything about the family in Spanish, as you know very well that Spanish is the most romantic language  and every Spanish learner searches the chance for the practice of Spanish language. Everyone talk with their family maximum so you can do you practice in your talk, you can use little Spanish words and Spanish sentences. It will be very helpful in learning the Spanish language and you will not feel bored in doing the Spanish practice. It is really very interesting and you should know about the Spanish family tree. If you do the Spanish practice with your family, your vocabulary and your family vocabulary will be good. Automatic you will get a feeling to you know about Grandparents in Spanish and my family in Spanish and your family member will be happy when they will know that you have the knowledge of the different language. You will also feel confident and different from other after learning the Spanish language.

Family members in Spanish



My Family- mi familia

Family tree- el árbol genealógico

Grand Parents- Abuelos

I have one more interesting ideas to know about Spanish language and for the practice of this language. You should take the interest in Spanish family, I am sure you will enjoy that time when you communicate with them and slowly you will learn to communicate with them and you feel good. When you spend your time with them, you will know that how to speak in Spanish and you will also know about their culture, lifestyle and living style. You can download the above picture with a right click and a clear print of it. You should paste this picture where it can be easily seen, whenever you see it you will read this automatic and you will learn the name of all family members in Spanish. This Spanish chart is very helpful in learning the Spanish language and you should also know about the family words in Spanish to communicate with the family. Every Spanish learner should have to know about all family member in Spanish like how to say father in Spanish, mother in Spanish, sister in Spanish, brother in Spanish etc. In our next article, we will tell you about all family member in details. You can make a self-chart for this and can use the Spanish words in call your family member, it will increase your and your family vocabulary. Spanish is the need of today’s life and most of the people want to learn Spanish because some want to generate a source of income with the help of Spanish and some wants to do the job in foreign country. Different type of needs gives the important to the Spanish language. To learn Spanish you need to do regular practice. And an easy way to learn Spanish is to do conversation with your family members, friends, colleagues.

I hope you will like this article on Spanish family, Let me know about your ideas, you can answer us through the comments and share us about your requirement from this blog or what you more want from our website. We will try to provide more article on Spanish or more Spanish words as soon as possible and also try to fulfill your requirement. Thank You.

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