How to say pet in Spanish

Hello, friends! Today I will tell the about the most important topic that is how to call pet in Spanish. Most of the people in every country like the pet. If you are learning the Spanish language you should know about the pet in Spanish. Pets play the very important role in our life, they help us many ways and we also need a person who loves us without any reason. Pets are very innocents and honest. They live with us as a family member and gives us the best company. Pets are very cute they never do any requirements, they only want love from us. People purchase the pet from many places if have purchased the pet from the foreign country where Spanish is the native language. Then it is essential to learn the Spanish language because everyone knows their native language even the pets. So the pet will never understand your language. You also have to know about the many pets in Spanish. Here I will tell you that how to call pet in Spanish.

Dog in Spanish- perro


You can see in this given image that pets are very cute and now you can read that Spanish name of the dog. This is the most common pet in every country and Dogs are very intelligent and honest animal. Spanish water dog is very cute and attractive.

Puppy in Spanish- perrito


You can in this given image that puppies are so cute and everyone wants to spend the time with these cute and innocent pets. You can easily learn Spanish words for pets because these cute images of these pets are really memorable. You can also put Spanish dog names, it will look that it is your family member.

Cat in Spanish- Gato


Everyone has their own choice and most of the girls and baby like the cat as a pet. They love these animals most because they share many things with them but they never reach rudely.

Parrot in Spanish- loro


Parrot is the colorful bird and I am sure everyone likes parrot. Most of the people talk with the parrot and this birds understand their word and meaning that what they want to say. You will also this beautiful bird and you can see in this picture that how cute this bird is!

Mouse in Spanish- ratón


The Mouse is the very cute and little pet. Their small and beautiful eyes attract people and people put it in its little home.

Birds in Spanish- pájaro


Birds are the most talkative pets and in our home, when we hear its voice all atmosphere full of great energy and happiness. We never get a feeling of loneliness whenever we hear their voice.

Cow in Spanish- vaca


The cow is the most useful animal and many people have many numbers of cows because they generate a source of income with the help of these pets. I mean do the milk business and earn money.

Rabbit in Spanish- Conejo


Rabbit is the very beautiful creature of God and it is very peaceful and energetic pet. You can see in this picture that it is very cute and innocent also.

Fish in Spanish- Pescado


Fishes is the most colorful creature and maximum people put it in their aquarium and they also eat the big fishes. You should know about fish in Spanish because in every country people eat them and put the little and colorful fishes in their home.

I hope you will this article and with the help of this article, you can easily learn that how to talk to Spanish with the pets. If there are a pet in your home then you have to learn Spanish for cat, or Spanish for dog and for many other pets. You can make a chart of all pets and hang it where it can be easily seen. Whenever you see it, your mind automatic revise all Spanish pet names and it will be very helpful to learn Spanish.

You should know everything about animal and it is very interesting, you can read it as an interesting story. In my next article, I will tell you that how to say animals in Spanish. I am sure you will be waiting for this, let me know about your ideas for this blog. You can answer us through the comments and share us about your requirement from our website. We will try to fulfill our requirement and provide you more interesting article as soon as possible. Thank You.

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