How to say Spanish Number 1 to 20

Hello guys, As you know very well Spanish is very necessary language in Today’s life. Most of the  people use the Spanish Language in many countries. As I provide you many articles in the Spanish language as same as here I am telling you that how to write and speak the Spanish number. These numbers are very simple and you can easily learn the counting in Spanish. Spanish numbers belong to an Indo-Arabic based decimal system, although the history of the number system is much more ancient. One curiosity is the small difference between the Spanish numerical systems and the Anglo-Saxon one. In Spain, a billion is one million millions, whereas in the Anglo-Saxon system it is one thousand millions. Counting in Spanish is very different as compared to another language, you should learn these Spanish numbers, it is very easy and interesting.

Here we providing you the numbers in Spanish, these numbers are basic of the Spanish Mathematics. Whole Spanish mathematics depends on it and if you really want to know that how to speak the Spanish language, you have to learn these Spanish numbers.

Spanish Numbers


1 – uno
2 – dos
3 – tres
4 – cuatro
5 – cinco
6 – seis
7 – siete
8 – ocho
9 – nueve
10 – diez
11 – once
12 – doce
13 – trece
14 – catorce
15 – quince
16 – dieciséis
17 – diecisiete
18 – dieciocho
19 – diecinueve
20 – veinte

Spanish though is spoken in the number of countries, is very popular language throughout the whole world. Knowing a language always has a great advantage as it enables us to interact with the people of different countries speaking the concerned language. most people consider learning different languages very useful specially for the people who are doing such a job, transfer of which is certain from one country to another country.  This is how it facilitate an ease of adjustment of people without much effort in the country but for this, you have to learn the Spanish language. These Spanish numbers also play very in important role in the Spanish language.  As tourists go to different countries hence talking to them in their respective languages, leaves a favorable impression on them and thus, facilitates the traditions of a country. A person speaking the different language  is always respected in the society and in his friend circle as well. So knowing a language develop a kind of confidence  in people speaking the same languages. Also with the knowledge of different languages, you can earn handsome money sitting at your home, just making few efforts. There are ample opportunities entering this field , the only thing you are required to do is making efforts in seeking a lucrative job. Not only this, knowing a language, enable you to have people who have come from  foreign countries and want to know about your countries heritage, tradition, and customs in making them understand the same in their native language. Also, the people who have their way  and are the foreigner to your country, guiding them in their language may prove to be very help for them. Furthermore, you can teach the concerned language, giving a coaching to needy people and earn a good sum as well.

If you learn these Spanish numbers with the Spanish language, you will found yourself more confident and different from other. I am sure you will like this article and you will easily learn these number after a little practice. Spanish is very romantic and easy language and you will really enjoy thev learning the Spanish number.  Let me know about your opinion for this blog, you can share us your suggestion and answer us through the comments. We will try to provide more Spanish numbers as soon as possible and also try to fulfill your requirement. Thank You.

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