The Alphabet in Spanish

Spanish is very easy and romantic language. The people who speak the English language, they start to learn from English alphabet same as if you want to learn the spanish language, you have to start from Spanish Alphabet. These are basic of Spanish language and Spanish alphabet sounds different from  English alphabet. When you try to learn it, you will see it is very easy and interesting. Most of the people want to learn the Spanish language and they join the Spanish classes or use the search engine to learn the Spanish language. People learn the Spanish language but they can not speak a better Spanish because Spanish alphabet pronunciation is different  and unique. You have to need a daily practice for this. But it is very necessary to learn the Spanish language.

The Alphabet in Spanish


You can download this Spanish alphabet chart and paste it in your study room or it can be easily seen. It will be very helpful to you in learning the Spanish language. Whenever you see this some Spanish alphabet come into your mind and you will revise it. It is necessary to learn the alphabet in Spanish because as I told you it is the basic of Spanish language. You will enjoy the learning of these Spanish alphabets. You can also write these Spanish alphabets in your notebook for daily practice, it is very comfort to read  and learn it again and again.

  1. a -ah
  2. b -beh
  3. c -ceh
  4. ch -cheh
  5. d -deh
  6. e -eh
  7. f -effe
  8. g -ge
  9. h -hache
  10. i -i
  11. j -jota
  12. k- kah
  13. l -ele
  14. ll -elle
  15. m -eme
  16. n -ene
  17. ñ -eñe
  18. o -oh
  19. p -peh
  20. q -koo
  21. r -ere
  22. s -ese
  23. t -te
  24. u -u
  25. v -veh
  26. w -doble veh
  27. x -equis
  28. y -y griega
  29. z -zeta

People often search the Spanish words on the search engine and when they get that word, they learn it. But they should know that for learning the Spanish language, it is necessary to learn these  Spanish alphabets. Whenever you will start from Spanish alphabet, it will clear your all doubt about Spanish language and after some practice, you will able to speak a better Spanish language. In today’s life, it is necessary to know that how to speak the Spanish language and it is very useful in many ways, with the help of this practice you will also able to write the text easily. If you only speak English you, you will not be able to communicate openly there. You will be  forced to go to some specific tourist destinations where people can communicate in English with you. When you know that how to speak a better Spanish, you will get the feeling of confidence. Most American companies are looking for the employees , who have the skill of speaking the Spanish language. You can easily get jobs as a Spanish translator. Our Aim is to provide you best Spanish words so that you can translate any English text into the Spanish language easily. This will improve your Spanish vocabulary, If you have the strong vocabulary in any language, then you can learn that language easily. You have no need to purchase any book or join any Spanish classes, you can learn the Spanish language from our site. Let me know about your opinion and tell us what you more want from our blog, you can answer us through the comments. We shall try to provide more basic words of Spanish and also try to fulfill your requirement. Thank You.

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