Top Ten Best Spanish Movies

Spanish is most necessary language in Today’s life but people who are learning the Spanish language can not speak and understand the Spanish language properly. For them, we are providing some beautiful Spanish Movies which help them to speak and understand the Spanish language. Spanish is a very beautiful language. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn for all those who know how to speak English, because of the reason that both the languages share latin roots. Most of the people like to watch Spanish movies and they never feel bored for them. It is the easiest way for the practice of Spanish Language and you never feel bored to learn Spanish from this method. If you speak the Spanish language properly, then you will find yourself different and more confident than other. As we express love in English or in any other language, in the same way, we can also express our love in the Spanish language. You can also learn the ways to express your feeling in Spanish from these movies. There are different Characters in these movies and they are really good. You will definitely like these character and their acting. All these movies have the good story and it will teach you the best lessons in the Spanish language. You can easily understand the story of these Spanish films.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Character: Pale Man, Fauno, Captain Vidal, Doctor Ferreiro, El Tarta, Paz Jacinta, Esposa del alcalde, Pedro, Carmen, Padre, Trigo and many other.

The Sea Inside

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Character: Padre Francisco, Ramón Sampedro, Julia, Santiago, Conductor, José, Cristian, Hermano Andrés, Joaquín, Rosa, Gené, Germán, Manuela etc.

All About My Mother

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Character: Agrado, Huma Rojo, Hermana Rosa, Madre de Rosa, Ginecólogo, Padre de Rosa, Esteban, Nina, Manuela, Doctor 2, Lola etc.

Y Tu Mamá También

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Character: Luisa Cortés, Tenoch Iturbide, Miguel Iturbide, Ana Morelos, Julio Zapata, Diego ‘Saba’ Madero, Cecilia Huerta, Silvia Allende de IturbideAlejandro ‘Jano’ Montes de Oca, Lucero Carranza etc

The Orphanage

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Character: Benigna, Prof. Leo Bálaban, Laura, Tomás, Pilar, Rita, Aurora, Carlos, Martín, Simón, Alicia, Guillermo, Enrique, etc.

Hable con ella

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Character: Benigno Martín, Marco Zuluaga, Katerina Bilova, Lydia González, Alicia, Lydia’s Sister, Ángela, Yiyo etc.


Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Character: Raimunda, Tía Paula, Irene, Inés, Vecina #1, Emilio, Auxiliar Producción, Paco, Regina, Carlos etc.

Abre los ojos

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Character: César, Commisario, Sofia, Guardia, Pelayo, Camarero, Secretaria (as Fanny Solorzano), Médico Jefe etc.The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes

Director: Juan J. Campanella
Character: Benjamín Esposito, Isidoro Gómez, Liliana Coloto, Irene Menéndez Hastings, Pablo Sandoval, Juez Fortuna Lacalle, Inspector Báez, Escribano Andretta, Agente CardozoAgente Cardozo, Pinche Tino etc.Amores

Amores perros

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Character: El Chivo, Jarocho, Mama Susana, Mama Octavio, Tía Luisa, Octavio, Gustavo, Valeria, Luis, Ramiro, Leonardo, Maru etc.

Watching Spanish movie is the best way to understand the Spanish language and with the help of this, you can easily speak the Spanish Language. These top ten best Spanish movies are really awesome and I am sure you will like the Spanish movies. People often like to see horror, romantic and action movies, they all have their different choices. These  above Spanish movies are romantic Horror and full of action. You can see any of them its depends on your choice.  When someone expresses their love in a different language their partner feels very special. You can see these romantic scenes in these movies and then you will know how to impress to life partner and your close one. Well, most of you will be thinking that why only Spanish, why not any other language. So you must know that Spanish is also said to be as the language of love, that’s why only language Spanish is included here. So, Spanish love is most effective one. You can share your ideas for this blog and tell us about your requirements. You can answer us through the comments and we shall try to provide more way for a practice to Spanish Language and also try to fulfill your requirement. Thank You.

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