Two Great Tips to Losing Fat

Let’s face it, losing fat is one of the harder things to do, and there always seems to be some fat to lose. I myself have been having some trouble and these tips to losing fat have been helping me greatly in trying to get into the shape that I, as well as many other people I’m sure, want to be in.

One tip that I’ve learned is that if you proactively increase your cardio workouts; running, jogging, or swimming for example, up to thirty to forty-five minutes a day, six to seven days a week for eight to twelve weeks, you’ll begin to see some very noticeable results both in the amount of energy you start to have and the actual way you look and feel. This in itself is great for those that may not have been exercising in the first place, but if you’ve been exercising and you’re not happy with your results when it comes to burning fat, slowly and constantly increasing your workouts to the point where you do it daily will have a very noticeable impact as well.

The main trick to this is to increase the amount you workout when fat loss is desired, and decrease the amount you workout when you want to maintain where you are at physically. But keep in mind this isn’t something you want to do all of the time, you must pace yourself and understand what you can and can not handle at this point in time. It is a great tactic though when you are trying to break a plateau that you’ve been stuck at and burn the last of that unwanted body fat.

The second tip to losing fat that I recommend is to get a pair of weights, or if that isn’t an option, anything that has some weight to it that you could lift repetitively, cans, jugs of water, or anything else you can think of. By adding weight training into your diet you will start to build muscle and muscle will help you burn that fat. There are many other benefits to adding weight training to your workout regiment, one of which is the calories that you burn while you do the actual workout. The second is the fact that after an intense muscle workout your body’s metabolism will continue to work up to 39 hours after that workout. This allows you to burn more calories, which in turn leads to burning more of that unwanted fat, while you may be doing nothing.

These two tips put into practice while also eating a balanced diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you will be well on your way to a healthier life.